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Why is Self-Awareness Important in Your Life


To be connected to yourself is to be connected to life. Therefore, the best thing you can do is embrace self-awareness. The ability to be a spectator in your own life? A spectator in your own life may sound a bit off, but it is very possible.

We’re all accustomed to hearing how others perceive us. The world is always watching us, as I like to say. No matter the place nor the time, eyes are on us all. With the observation comes a perception, a form of judgment attached. That means in just a few seconds the world has already determined you to be a version of you that you’ve yet to meet.

But how amazing it would be if we had the ability to beat them to it through self-awareness. No longer shall you leave up it to others when you can do it yourself. All it takes it a little bit of your time, a little bit of your attention. It’s the same attention you require of someone else when in need of someone to talk to you.

It’s more common to hear of someone showing up for us than our showing up for ourselves. It makes perfect sense because we tend to hold others to a higher standard than we do ourselves. Therefore we neglect ourselves while giving others a responsibility we all own. Self-awareness takes the scope off of the world and focuses it on us.

Thank makes you the priority.

You Deserve Your Attention

Through this journey of growth, it’s necessary that you monitor your progress. Focusing on where you once were, to where you’re looking to go. But the question is, how do we measure our progress? How do know if we are actually on the right track? The objective of self-awareness is not only to keep you on the right, but it allows you to do so in real-time.


No need to evaluate later when you are presently living. Because what you say and what you do is being observed by you. That means you get to acknowledge yourself every step of the way. Not only are you to hear yourself through, but you’re also able to gauge where you are at all times.

This journey is continual. We’re living, we’re learning, and we’re growing, at the same time. When you show up for yourself, you see you long before anyone does. That keeps you a step of the game at all times. You see, you listen, and then you adjust.

As this never-ending journey takes shape, we must remember the proper nurturing we deserve. We each are living based on our own individual diets. Therefore, we each require a different type of attention. Self-awareness is the vessel that will take us there.

Self-Awareness Guides the way

If there is one thing I’ve learned through my life is how to show up for myself. I need me more than anyone in the world. Therefore it is important that constantly pay very close attention so that I may keep things consistent.

On my personal journey, I was specific about the life I wanted to create. I knew where I was was a ways from where I wanted to be, but I knew it was necessary. Happiness was everything I wanted to experience. If there was one thing I wanted, it was that I experienced happiness fully. The idea was great, but the journey to getting there would require that I did something I had never done before.


The more I paid attention, the more I was made aware of what I needed to adjust. And the more I was able to adjust, the more I was able to see the results. Along with the results came a feeling of accomplishment, realizing the progress we’ve made along the way. And the best part of it all is, this is just the beginning.

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