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Easy Things to Do to Get Your Motivation Back

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If your motivation tank is on empty, it’s a no-brainer that you’re in need of a refill. Lacking motivation can be a goal breaker, among all things. After all, having the greatest idea alone won’t get you anywhere.

When it comes to your motivation if you’re unable to start or finish anything, ask yourself why. With the answers you develop, create a mission that aligns with it. We are all different. Therefore, what works for one person, may not work for the next.

What can you do to help you reach your ultimate goal? What can you eliminate? Is there something you can create that will allow your motivation the room to take flight?

Find Your Motivation by Simply Being

Everything we aspire to do, everything we believe is a result of our attitude. That’s because our attitude influences our behavior. And our behavior determines our perception. As for our perception? Well, it is the key to our reactions. That’s what influences your motivation.

Let’s be honest, if you believe something will fail, there’s a great chance it will. But if you believe there is success, your motivation will take you there. Without telling, once you’ve been motivated, it’s important that you get going. The more you continue to move in the intended direction, the more motivation you’ll find.

You have to be wondering, what would you do if you were highly motivated? What would you do if your motivation was through the roof? Think about this vividly. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Once you’re able to do those things, the level of your motivation will increase times fold.
your motivation

Defend Your Truth

The only thing that comes in the way of your motivation is your current truth. What you believe is, will be. On the other hand, if your belief is telling you otherwise, you might want to defend yourself. If you’re thinking it will be hard, you’re only creating a barrier between that which you seek.

It’s important that you continue to remind yourself of the very thing that got you going to begin with. Don’t you remember how that felt? You probably dropped everything just to get going. There were no obstacles then. And now is definitely not the time to start creating them.
Defend your motivation from these lies you allow room to live. Define it like your life depends on it. Because, the truth is, it really does. Your life depends on your achieving what it is you set out to. When I started the That Good ol Feeling Podcast, every member of my core was in it for the long haul.

Telling yourself the truth means that you’ve sided with your conviction to win. Yes, things may be hard, but yes, it is still worth your efforts, your time, and your motivation. One ignites the other. Yes, it may be hard. But you, more than anybody else, deserve your kindness.

Your Kindness Prevails

Never forget to be kind to yourself. Being hard on yourself doesn’t set you up for the win. It sets you up for a setback more than anything. Studies show that having self-compassion contributes to your motivation more than you think.

These studies have proven that there is a correlation between compassion and motivation. I remember my time pursuing my engineering degree. There were times I felt discouraged. After all, while I was at work, my classmates had a jump on the curve. That means while I was working, they were studying. It felt like I was always chasing them. But the reality was, that I was the creator of my own doubts.

With that, I decided I would try something different. I decided that if I can be affected negatively by negative thoughts, then I can be influenced positively by doing the reverse. With that came the permission for me to believe otherwise. Along with that, I felt more motivated. For the sake of your motivation, I highly recommend you try it too.

Give Your Motivation Ten Minutes

Whenever your motivation tank is low, start off small. If it’s a paper you dread writing, just tell yourself, “I’ll give it ten minutes.” Just by giving yourself a way out, you end up giving yourself away in. You see, the push your motivation needs is a start. That’s where the power lies.
your motivation
None of us can run without taking a step. That is why before you can run, you have to take that first step. From there, you’re off to the races.
Once you get started, you in turn give yourself the permission to go beyond. You’ve not only found your motivation, but you’ve also found your groove. And trust me when I tell you, there is nothing like grooving.

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