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Your View On the World Create Your Reality

create your reality

The words you use and the thoughts you keep have the ability to create your reality. Therefore, the world is what you believe it is in your mind. If you feel as though it’s impossible to get by, then impossible it is. But if you feel that this too shall past then you’re on your way to something special.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it,” and boy was she right. Life may give you all of the necessary ingredients, but at the end of it all, you are responsible for the meal. It gives you the setting, the people, and space to write your script.  In other words, the most beautiful thing you possess is the power to make changes and edits as you go. Question is when you think to create your reality, what does it look like?

Due to the different circumstances many of us have found ourselves in, it may make writing your script a little harder. I agree that it will be harder but strongly believe, still possible. Despite the challenges what you feed your mind is what it will feed off to take on any mission. If you feed it hard, although true, it may restrict or limit your beliefs, in turn, limiting your efforts. If your efforts be little, when you write your script, imagine how that would look.

But if you feed it attainable, it will align you with the many opportunities that will help you attain it. To create your reality, you must understand thatwrite your script your action is a result of your focus, your compass. What you see and believe in your mind is what you are walking towards every single day.

What You Write is What You Get

Can you imagine writing a manuscript for a book, submitting it for publishing, on to hope to get something different? The script you provide the publisher with is most likely what it will publish for the world and your many fans to see. When writing your script, are you writing you’ll be proud for the world to know?

Will you have created a reality that will promote the life you want, or are you continuing to drown yourself in senseless thoughts. If you believe that you are unable to achieve any task, what motivation will you have to even try? Whatever stays in your mind ends up in your story when you write your script. What do you allow to take up space in your mind and how does it contribute to the reality you are looking to create.

There are really no excuse for the limits we create for ourselves. When you think about it, we contain all of the superpowers our heroes contain and more. All we need is to tap into them so that they be manifested. Our success, our end destination full depends on how we steer the ship.

To Live is to Create your Reality

create your reality

Create your reality, don’t let them do it for you. Don’t forget, as hard as things may get, your primary responsibility is to assure that you live your life the best you can. What you don’t have shouldn’t matter, because what you don’t have doesn’t help. The most important thing is that you can create your reality despite the things you don’t yet have.

You will need to be mindful of what you have, understanding that what you have will take you there. You’ll be surprised to see what the heart is capable of when properly fueled. Feed it properly and the places as to which it can take you are endless. There are no limits at all. The only ones that exist are the ones you say does. Other than that, it’s all your imagination or limitation.

So write your script and create the reality that makes your life worth living. Is it something worth waking up to every day? How would your life be without it? Whatever it is, feel it through because if you can feel it through your soul, you can attain it. it’s only as real as you make it.

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  1. Areeba

    Love the insight. This article put in perspective that we have everything within us to create the reality we want but we get stuck and give up… really enjoyed this read.

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