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You’re More than What You Were Given

You are more than what you were given. As a matter of fact, you are way more than you were given. You are whomever you claim to be. Nobody controls that but you. You have all that you need within you in order to achieve whatever it is you want.

Many of us were not provided with the necessary tools required to fill us up. To be honest, many weren’t given anything at all. Unfortunately, many of us were given things we wished we never exposed to. I know we hear many times that one cannot give you what they’ve never had. Although that saying resonates with me, I can’t say I totally agree with it fully.

I believe certain phrases or words, when used, can cripple you. Without being exposed to certain teachings, it can bring about certain challenges. I mean, how could you ever make it out in the wilderness if you never had someone to help you navigate through it right?

From birth, we all rely heavily on the guidance of our parents to get through this thing called life. It would definitely be hard to get by if we didn’t have them in the initial stages of our life. For that, we should all be grateful.

The Road We Must All Climb

Unfortunately, many have grown up in both physically and mentally abusive households. What’s even more devastating, many have even grown up being sexually abused by the very people they relied on, the ones they thought they could trust. I can’t even start to imagine how it feels to walk in their shoes. It’s almost like starting a race a mile from the pack.

Based on a report from the 2003 National Institute of Justice report, 3 out of every 4 adolescents who’ve been sexually assaulted were victims of the very people they trusted. Furthermore, studies even support that many abusers were also victims of abuse themselves. What that proves is you are more likely to become what you’ve experienced or what you’ve been exposed to. But my reality is, you are more, way more than what you could ever be given.

You are more than the victim and definitely way more than the abused. You/re more than what they’ve given you. I say this because what you have been given is not for you to keep. It’s only for you to see. Now what you decide to do with it, is your decision to make. But if my feeling for you accepting your best is true, you’re aiming to create the things you want.

You Soar When You are More

The reality that presents itself is that we are all limitless when we allow our minds to accept it. There are only two ways the past could actually help us. We could either believe perceive as an opponent, or accept it as our friend. There is no way life could be against us if we acknowledge the true gifts that it provides us with. I believe the best thing it could teach us is how to do things, and how not to do things.

When you understand that you are more than your circumstances,  you understand the powers it has presented you with and not the powers you’ve subconsciously given away. You are more than the things you didn’t deserve and the creator of the life you choose to seek. If I tell you the world is yours. It wouldn’t be because I want you to feel good. It’s because I’m sharing a truth with you that you should’ve already acknowledged.

Regardless of what you’ve been through, never allow your past or what you are going through trump the fact that you are more. What you’ve been given can never define you. For it is what you do with it that makes all the difference. You are more because of the inner forces you possess to create the change you want. You not only have the ability to foresee, but you also own the right and the power to walk into it. The world is yours…

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