Ever experienced something so good that you wish it’d never end? You know…the feeling you get that you wish would last forever. To many, it may seem unreal, but I believe that it is truly attainable. The question is, what does it mean to you and what would you be willing to do, to not only have that experience, but to also make it a way of life. That’s that good ol feeliln for ya! 

THE STORY About That Good ol Feelin

Behind every mission lies a story and behind every story a lesson. Living in a world filled with ‘how to’s’ and ‘do’s and don’ts’, we sometimes lose sight of the things that really matter. you know…the little things. We focus so much on what the world wants and what it expects of us that we lose sight of what it is we desire, what makes our hearts fill. 

I made a decision. That was all it took. I made a decision to hold myself accountable for the joy I was responsible for, for I owe it to myself to allow myself the best experience I deserved for the duration of my time on this planet. So why That Good ol Feelin? Well, while I was able to benefit from this decision, it put me in a place where I could see the world around me in a light I’d never seen before. You see, while I vowed to keep a smile a day, it didn’t keep me from noticing the pain that the many people around me were living. Social media allows us the ability of sharing a shot of happiness, but doesn’t provide the glimpse of pain that follows. 

That Good ol Feelin’s goal is to serve as a reminder to the things that really matter. I look to cover topics that tend to cloud us of this feelin while providing my listeners with an alternative that can not only share that feelin, but also help sustain it. 

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